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We’ve been around long enough to validate the science of our own work practices, which allows us to properly blend your requests with the health and requirements of your trees and shrubs. We know there is simply NO substitute for experience – books, science and constant learning and (re)training are also very necessary, but good judgement can only truly come from blending these factors with time in the saddle. By this we mean, our tree climbing saddles we wear when working aloft in your trees. All the PhDs in the world are no substitute for getting off the ground and touching a tree. Only when one has had sufficient time aloft AND takes the time to learn and understand the up-to-date science of trees will they truly be able to call themselves an arborist. There are many companies that offer tree services, some that have many years of experience and others that have many years of schooling to their names, but without a good blend of both, you very well may be hiring a tree “disservice” company.

After 30 years of providing excellent tree care, we hold ourselves to very high standards in morals and ethics. You will find us very fair and honest in all our dealings. It seems to be a forgotten trait these days, but we still truly believe the measure of a man is his word and that judgement should be about how something is finished not how it was started. We strive to take the time at the estimate stage to fully educate you about what to expect from our work, what we can and will do, and what we can’t and won’t do. We are members in good standing of the BC Landscape and Nursery Association, the Better Business Bureau®, and the International Society of Arboriculture. These associations require professional credentials and ethics be maintained at all times. They also fund and promote research and safety and provide consumer watchdog services. We are also, of course, fully insured and covered by WorkSafeBC for our mutual protection and your peace of mind.

Quality usually costs more, but the benefits last longer. Some people hesitate to call what they perceive to be a big company because they think it will cost more. 30 years of quality service and our trucks and equipment rolling around town has certainly built our reputation, and many perceive us as big. What we are is just the right size to ensure we have the people, equipment and knowledge to do anything from small and basic to large and hazardous. All this is offered without a corporate ladder that extends out of the country but also with a communication chain that gets you a real person and an answer in a timely fashion, if not, instantly. So for those that are turned off by big companies, I invite you to try the biggest little company in the Lower Mainland. Most of the time our increased efficiency will mean a very competitive price when measured against other qualified companies, and your money stays here supporting local families and businesses.

We are nice guys that do great work, and we would love the opportunity to come and prove it to you!


Jason Timmis

ISA Certified Arborist #PN2616

BC Government Certificate of Qualification, Climbing Arborist

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