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Tree Misconceptions and Myths

“If I don’t top my tree, it will fall over.”

Most of the time, this is wrong, wrong, wrong. Topping trees is an extremely bad practice and will leave your tree in a potentially unsafe state in the future. This work is done by people who don’t know, don’t care and/or just want to take your money. It is illegal in most municipalities under the bylaws. Yes, there is risk in living around any tree. There is also risk in everyday life, like driving your car or walking down the street. If there truly is reason to top a tree, there is usually just as much reason to remove it. How much risk you choose to live with is a personal choice, but our best guess is that there are a lot more people killed by, or property damaged by, vehicles compared to trees. The impulsive decision to top a tree without proper education on which to base your judgement can cause you long term troubles and money.

“You can only prune a tree when it is not in leaf.” Or “The tree has to be pruned before the sap starts running or it will bleed to death.”

Wrong, most pruning can be done at any time. There are certain times that are species and pest preferable and times when it is slightly less stressful, but there is no magic that will suddenly make an otherwise health tree out right die. The broader point here is to let a professional arborist decide on timing after all factors are considered, so don’t hesitate to call because you don’t think it is the right time.

“You have to have a chainsaw or chipper or bucket truck to do this job.”

We get a chuckle out of some of the calls from people asking if we have certain tools or equipment before they ask what services we provide. Please rest assured knowing that a true professional will be able to ascertain what equipment and tools are required, and that may not be what you, the layperson, envisioned. To that end, just because someone has the ability or guts enough to go up there does not mean they are a professional. We have been brushing our teeth everyday our whole lives, but we are not dentists.

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